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Pass Away With Grace, Dignity, and Peace

Services Tailored to Support Your Needs and Wishes

Make the most out of your time while you can. At Chrysalis End of Life Care, I help terminally ill patients and their families throughout Alberta enjoy their last days through end-of-life care.

I will be beside you to help check off the items on your wish list so you can rest with no what if's or worries. I am your advocate for your end of life wishlist.*

 *I may require a written permission from your health care professional for outings. Kindly note that this service is based on availability.

What Comes Next? 

After your transition to the afterlife, I’ll handle all aspects of memorials, disposition and any other services to save your family from further stress and emotional turmoil. I know how taxing it is to coordinate everything during an already distressing time. That’s why I’m here to step in and lend a hand if needed.

In addition to funeral planning, I provide after transition support. The loss of a loved one is a truly painful experience. Let me help you transition through the next phase of life without your loved one. 

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Services We Offer

~Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching


~Reiki with a certified Reiki Master

~Caregiver Support

~Living Funerals

~Grief Support

~Death Plan Assistance

~Funeral, Memorial, Ritual and Disposition Planning

~Consultation at Home, Hospital, Nursing Homes, Hospice and Palliative Care Centres

~Full Funeral and Memorial Service Planning

~Caring Celebrant on Staff

~Cremation Planning

~Green Eco-Friendly Options Available

~Tailored to all Religious Denominations

~Memorial Products with many suppliers for you to chose from

~ Full Will, Power of Attorney and Personal Directive preparation

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