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What is an End of Life Doula

Much like a Birthing Doula assists with transition to becoming a mother; we assist in transitioning from life to death for our clients and making every moment as comfortable and memorable as possible. Also known as A Soul's Midwife in other countries, an End of Life Doula is a non-medical support person trained to care for the dying and their families using a physical, spiritual and emotional approach from diagnosis to end of life and beyond. We provide end of life care for infants to 100 years young, and beyond....

I believe we should leave this world with dignity and in the way that we choose. You deserve to reward yourself for a life well lived and loved!

How We Support the Dying and Their Families

Those approaching death, have an individual journey they must travel. An End of Life Doula is a companion and advocate on that journey. As well as the practical, there are emotional issues that we can support: funeral arrangements, being a companion and assist clients to find peace with the past and the present. We assist our clients and their families to live each day to the fullest measure possible.

As a licensed funeral director, after death we can assist the family in all aspects of disposition and assist with rituals and ceremonies to honor their family member, while bringing peace and closure to those left behind.

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